A new album from musician
Christopher Thomson

The latest from Cedar Thoms is fresh and original. All compositions written, programmed, and performed by Thomson.  

All songs mixed by Greg Schutte along with his live drumming on tracks 4 & 6.

Mastered by Tom Garneau.

This album is already circulating buzz about its unique musicality and adventurous sound.  If you love what you hear, please share widely.

Photo credit: James Schwartz



Cedar Thoms is Minneapolis-based musician Christopher Thomson, known as CT by friends and colleagues.  CT is a composer, saxophonist and clarinetist who is passionate about creating warm, vibrant music. Part of his artistic identity is as a solo artist, composing electronic music from the perspective of a performer trained in the classical and jazz traditions. He integrates acoustic instrumentation with computer generated sounds, layering sequences of software instruments and effects with live woodwinds.

In addition to composing via laptop and woodwinds, Thomson has been creating authentic live music for several decades with a variety of other innovators. In recent years he has performed and recorded with the Grammy Award winning artist Bon Iver, touring nationally and internationally, along with appearances on critically acclaimed recordings by S. Carey.

Cedar Thoms finds unlikely inspiration from his experience as a father to a child with ongoing intensive medical needs. Sparked by a series of harrowing life or death moments, Celestial Being was born.